For a Good Boy Mug

This vintage 1982 For A Good Boy mug is by Norman Rockwell. The young boy is watching his grandpa make a model sailing ship..

Memories Mug

An early 80’s gold rimmed and on handle, the Norman Rockwell Memories has a lovely story attached to this special mug.

The Cobbler Mug

The bottom of the mug says: Norman Rockwell Museum, Seal of Authority. The back of the mug says: The Cobbler – The cobbler is a master of his craft. He can make a beautiful pair of shoes out of scraps of leather. But it’s a big challenge to fix a shoe so small! He’ll use his skills and find a way – so as not to disappoint his two little friends. 1982 The Norman Rockwell Museum, Inc.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter Mug

The lighthouse keeper watches pensively while his daughter mends his old woollen coat. Well known for capturing moments from every-day life in twentieth century America; Norman Rockwell is America’s best-loved artist. This vintage mug is in mint condition.

Toymaker Mug

Vintage Norman Rockwell Mug from the 1980s Description On The bottom of the cup is a Norman Rockwell Museum Seal of Authenticity.